Renderings: Architectural renderings have long been architect’s way to communicate a design to the client. CPAA utilizes leading 3D modeling and animation software to produce photo-realistic images of our projects. These images are used not only for final presentations and marketing collateral, but throughout the design process to assist the designer and client to visualize the design.

Animations: CPAA produces animated walk-thrus and fly-bys of projects for use in multi-media presentations and marketing.

Photography: Using professional quality digital cameras in house, CPAA documents all our projects. Digital photography is also used in conjunction with our 3D modeling to produce before and after images of projects for architectural review boards, city councils and other governing bodies.

Marketing Materials: Pulling from all our graphic services, CPAA will produce for you brochures and related collateral to interactive multi-media presentations and CD's. CPAA can fill most any of your marketing material needs.



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