We create more than Stuctures. We create Relationships.

At CPAA, we pride ourselves on being in more than just the design business. We are also in the service business. That simple distinction permeates every aspect of our philosophy and methods. It is important to us to not only design an outstanding property or custom home, but to also design that property or custom home to your exact specifications. To do that we focus on the most crucial aspect of our process, you.

Exceptional service leads to exceptional results.

The proof of CPAA's commitment to you is embodied within our Exceptional Service Process or ESP. While our process is an in-depth sequence of events, nearly 80 steps in all, it's function couldn't be simpler: to determine, in-depth and at length, what you want to accomplish. CPAA starts every project with a meeting strictly focused on you. We help you determine what you want to have designed, your goals, your ultimate wish list, the project budget, and the project schedule. All before we begin your design.

Our process guides you and your project from start to completion, and beyond. Throughtout the process a sophisticated system of checks and balances continually monitors your project's progress. With CPAA's process, you will always know where you and your project stand. Adjustments are made along the way to insure the results you seek. Exceptional Service Process........Exceptional Results.

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